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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy describes the information collected by our company AKRASOFT through our mobile applications and the use of the information.

If the application contains advertising, our advertising providers can obtain the Android Advertising ID.
Our advertising providers comply with all laws and regulations of all countries where their advertising is displayed.

We do not collect any personal information from children with our Apps. When you download and use our mobile applications, we don’t require you to provide any information and we don’t collect any information about you or your device, except for nonpersonal information about the duration and how the app is used, such as the screens viewed and actions taken within our mobile applications.

We do not give out any information to anybody outside our company. We comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

Some of our applications can make use of the camera just for the use of 'augmented reality', without transmitting any content or image. The use of the device microphone is only to give orders to the characters, never record or send any information.

Our mobile applications comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”). We don’t knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13, and if in the event that a user identifies himself or herself as a child under the age of 13 through a support request or through any feedback, we will not collect, store or use, and will delete in a secure manner, any information of such user.

Some of our applications can send information to our servers, with the sole purpose of keeping an inventory and statistics. Personal data is never sent, and that information is used only for internal purposes of our company.


Permissions used

Our apps requests certain permissions in order to serve ads: ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE to check whether the user is connected to internet. INTERNET to load and serve ads. ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION (optional) to get the location of the user. Location is shared with our advertising partners to increase the relevance of ads. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (optional) to cache video ads in the device memory.


Support Information

When you request support, you may send us an email or contact us by email eventronic.asensi@gmail.com. We allow users to contact us if they have support questions about use of our mobile applications. If you submit a support request, we may receive your email address and other information you provide related to your support request (“Support Information”). We use Support Information only.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

We use Support Information only for the support for the internal operations of our Apps as provided under Section 312.2 of the COPPA rules effective July 1, 2013.

We don’t rent or sell your email address. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please send us an email at contact eventronic.asensi@gmail.com.

Publicidad directa en apps

Para empresas anunciantes a nivel nacional

Para agencias de publicidad

En los tiempos que corren y con la competencia que hay, un buen método de publicidad debe de ser efectivo y directo.

El uso de banners publicitarios en las redes de Google (Adwords, por ejemplo) son métodos digitales modernos, pero en los que se pierde el control de las impresiones, y al estar casi siempre basadas en clicks, la pulsación accidental por usuarios hacen perder dinero y la efectividad desaparece. Además es difícil establecer el target adecuado y muchas veces los anuncios aparecen ante un público no interesado.

Akrasoft propone un método novedoso para las agencias de publicidad o empresas interesadas en la publicidad directa y efectiva, además de interactiva y con la participación del cliente final.

Se trata de sustituir los típicos banners genéricos de las aplicaciones y juegos por una pantalla publicitaria directa, con el target adecuado y que además se pueda combinar con los prosuductos o promociones del anunciante.

Dichas pantallas o spots se contratan por tiempo y en aplicaciones de calidad con un gran uso diario. Por ejemplo, en el juego de preguntas y respuestas, el spot aparece inmediatamente antes de cada pregunta. Si hay series de 30 preguntas y disponemos de 300 usuarios diarios que juegan unas 3 veces al día de media, se crean 27.000 impresiones diarias de un anuncio de 5 segundos. Al ser las impresiones de un solo anunciante (se contrata la publicidad por tiempo) el impacto y la persistencia del anuncio ante el usuario de la app es más que efectivo.

Si desea más info no dude en contactarnos, bien por email (javier@eventronic.es) o por teléfono llamando al 965282184 en donde podemos explicarle lo que necesite sin ningún compromiso.




Desarrollo de aplicaciones a medida

Realizamos aplicaciones y videojuegos en entorno Android e iOS para empresas, como método de marketing moderno y efectivo. Más de 3 millones de descargas nos avalan.

Desarrollo de software de escritorio para PC

Dsiponemos de una gran experiencia en el desarrollo de aplicaciones y programas para PC usando herramientas modernas y con un gran ámbito de aplicaciones, desde un videojuego hasta un programa de gestión comercial


Escríbanos sin ningún compromiso si tiene alguna duda o sugerencia a eventronic.asensi@gmail.com


  • "KITTENS!!!!!!! Today I wanted to tell you about the Cats and Kittens pet simulator app, and I’m absolutely delighted with the charming world it offers to cat lovers like myself. This 3D pet simulator allows you to adopt and nurture a group of incredibly adorable kittens, taking on the role of their caregiver as they grow from cute little furballs into mature cats."


  • Alert : Zombie Survival It’s the zombie apocalypse. Your mission is to survive and to withstand as much as possible to the zombie hordes. For this you have several weapons and lots of ammunition. Shoot to the spider to get fuel. Be careful, do not let the zombies get too close to you or they will kill you.


  • " Just so cute I love this game cute kitty's and great graphics "

    Paige Corbett

  • "KITTENS!!!!!!! I just LOVE KITTENS and I've got two toy ones! I brought the black one [in the game] and called it Princess just like one of my kitten toys! SOOO CUTE!!!!!!!"

    Natasha Walters


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